Much better purityclasses

Technical oils serve just one purpose: It should runHome1

After all, a machine downtime costs you time and money.
Our filter technology was developed in order to optimize
machine running times.

Ultra-fine filter technology – for the sake of your

In order to achieve a high level of purity we offer the
appropriate technology for the different oils and application

  • in order to achieve the best purity class
  • under the aspect of economy
Finest filter technology

Our systems maintain the oil of your machines so that the
necessary oil purity is secured:

  • Ultra fine filtration of technical oils up to 1µm
  • Extremely long service life of the filters with up to 2.000 hours
  • High capacity to absorb water with up to 5 liters
  • Before starting up
  • Mobile for maintenance intervals on several machines
  • In the oil circuit during runtime operation
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