Our ultra fine filter technology processes different kinds of oils:

AAutomatic Transmissions Fluid (ATF)
BBed track oil
Bio oils (more rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oils)
CCar gear oils
Circulation oils
Compressor oils
Cooling lubricants in machining
Cooling oil emulsions or cooling emulsions
Cooling tower fluid
Cutting oils
Drawling oils
EEmulsions: water/oil, oil/water
Engine oil (CHP, truck, car, ships, biogas system, power stations)
FFlow oils
Forming oils
GGear oils
HHardening oils and fluids
Heat transmission oils
Hydraulic oils
IIndustrial gear oils
Industrial oils
Insulating oils
LLow-flammable hydraulic oils
MMachine oils
Machining oils
PParts cleaning-/degreasing emulsions
RRefrigerator oils
TTransformer oils
Turbine oils
VVacuum oils
Vacuum pump oils
WWater-glycol hydraulic oils