Hydraulic Oil Filters: An Investment That Pays Off – Delta-Technik for More Efficient Production

In the world of plastic injection molding machines, hydraulic oils are the lifeblood of the machines. They ensure that the components operate smoothly and efficiently. But how many of us are aware that reusing hydraulic oil not only helps the environment but also brings significant economic benefits?


We all know that hydraulic oils are expensive. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, it makes sense to look for efficient methods to reduce oil consumption and prolong the life of our machines. This is where hydraulic oil filters come in, and more specifically, the filtration technology from the company „Delta-Technik“.

Economic Benefits of Reusing Hydraulic Oil

  1. Cost Savings: With efficient filter technology, you can use hydraulic oil for a longer period, thus saving considerable costs. It’s a simple calculation: buying less oil means spending less.
  2. Machine Efficiency: Effective filtration helps to remove contaminants that could otherwise affect machine efficiency. Clean oil means smooth operation of the machines, less downtime, and therefore higher productivity.
  3. Longer Machine Lifespan: Contaminants in hydraulic oil can wear down machine parts, thus reducing the lifespan of your machines. By filtering and reusing the oil, you can minimize these damages and prolong the life of your machines.

Why Delta-Technik?

Delta-Technik offers high-quality hydraulic oil filters that have been specifically designed for use in plastic injection molding machines. They are known for their reliability and high efficiency in removing contaminants.

In addition, the technology behind Delta-Technik is easy to implement and maintain. Their hydraulic oil filters have high capacity and are designed to deliver high performance even during continuous operation over extended periods. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance, thereby also reducing your machines‘ downtime.

Finally, they offer excellent customer service. Delta-Technik stands for quality and reliability, and they are always ready to assist their customers with any queries or problems.

Overall, the use of Delta-Technik’s filter technology not only brings environmental benefits through the reuse of hydraulic oil, but also leads to significant economic savings. It’s an investment that pays off for every entrepreneur in the field of plastic injection molding.

With Delta-Technik, you can be assured that you’re doing good both for your wallet and the environment.